Welcome to Creative Patio, LLC and J Walock Construction

Meet Jeremy and Stacey Walock, the passionate owners behind these reputable ventures.

Jeremy and Stacey, both proud natives of Greenwell Springs, founded Creative Patio, LLC in 2007, driven by a strong desire to enhance outdoor living spaces. What began as a modest venture soon blossomed into a thriving business due to the overwhelming demand for remodeling services in the area.

Initially, Stacey balanced her role as a full-time dental hygienist while assisting Jeremy in the evenings. Jeremy, the visionary, interacted with clients daily, addressing their remodeling inquiries. Witnessing the high demand, they decided to establish J Walock Construction, LLC in 2014, leveraging their skills and experience to create stunning remodel projects.

At Creative Patio, LLC, we offer a range of options, from affordable aluminum patio coverings to traditional patio additions, providing clients with budget-friendly solutions for their patio needs. On the other hand, J Walock Construction, LLC is a licensed remodeling contractor, armed with years of expertise to breathe life into your remodel project.

Jeremy, the on-site project manager and creative mastermind, excels at turning visions into reality. Stacey, the dedicated point of contact behind the scenes, eases the project journey by assisting clients with product selections and maintaining smooth communication.

Together, Jeremy and Stacey form an unbeatable team, dedicated to bringing your vision to life.

- your trusted patio experts and remodeling specialists in Greenwell Springs, Louisiana -